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Mug - WAS

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Become a part of the bitart-family! 

Info about this item
-Mug with motif / print: "We are Satoshi"
-Ceramic mug printed on both sides with coloured handle & drinking rim.
-white, yellow, 
-Dishwasher-safe according to BS EN 12875-4 and microwave-safe according to BS EN 15284:2007.
-Dimensions of the mug: capacity approx. 330 ml, height approx. 95 mm, diameter approx. 82 mm
-Scope of delivery: 1x "We are Satoshi" mug


Story behind: 

We are Satoshi ceramic coffee mug (330 ml).

In addition to the success of the sculptures "WE ARE SATOSHI" 1 & 2, you can now finally find the statement when enjoying your favourite drinks from the We are Satoshi coffee mug!

"...the question of Satoshi Nakamoto becomes superfluous. Superfluous when we, each and every one of us, have realised that we are all Satoshi!"

Bitcoin is not about the individual. It's about the whole. It's about the unique effect of making a system stronger, more efficient, more democratic & more decentralised. It's about the effect of making a system valuable for me & everyone else and making my contribution.

Make your statement now & become part of what is probably the most successful network in the world not "only" through your sats, but also through your new favourite mug "WE ARE SATOSHI"!


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    Mug - WAS
    Mug - WAS
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