This is the vision of the founder Abu, who gets artistic support from artists from all over the world. Abu goes with you in "creative Bitcoin briefings" and creates unique works of art with talented artists that deal with "dry" Bitcoin topics in an impressive way.

Three passions merge

" Bitcoin, art & fashion - that fits like a glove. Documenting the uniqueness of Bitcoin through art & fashion brings something to humanity. The topic is presented in a tangible , comprehensible and aesthetic way . And beyond that, it documents the career of bitcoin as a monetary revolution that can change the world." - Founder Abu Akkuc

  • Our vision

    We want to advance the mass adoption of Bitcoin through high-quality Bitcoin art & fashion & help establish Bitcoin as the new, decentralized money network of the future.

  • our mission

    We enable Bitcoiners from all over the world to purchase works of art & fashion related to Bitcoin, which ALWAYS take up a specific theme from the Bitcoin Space. Through our products we bring Bitcoin to the masses of the world.