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"It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on. If enough people think the same way, that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy."

Bitart combines art, fashion & bitcoin in a distinctive way. Welcome #bitcoinselfmade, you've come to the right place - discover "The Real Art of Bitcoin"


What Bitart guarantees

  • Bitcoin Payments

    We accept Bitcoin payments via Lightning & on-chain

  • Borderless like Bitcoin

    We ship worldwide, without borders

  • exclusivity

    We offer exclusivity. At Bitart you will find things that are unique

  • The Real art of bitcoin

    With us you will learn something and recognize the real art of Bitcoin

More: Fashion & Artwork Masterpieces


Es ist so weit: das neue Masterpiece von Bitart "WHEN LAMBO" ist ab sofort erhältlich. Auf 210cm x 170cm feiern wir eine Premiere, die es so in der Bitcoin Kunst noch nicht gab. Eine originale Lamborghini Gallardo Fronthaube!

Zum Masterpiece

Carry Bitcoin in style..

"THE REAL FASHION OF BITCOIN" at 21Million, Bitart's fashion brand. Jackets, Hoodies & More

to 21 million

Short insights into our bitcoinselfmades:


Do you have questions about a work of art? Are you an artist yourself? Get in touch with us :)!

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