Special Edition: $100k

Collection: Special Edition: $100k

100k/BTC is a magical price target for us. As true #bitcoinselfmades, we believe that one day Bitcoin will do just like that. "Plan B" has been forecasting the development of Bitcoin in its Stock2Flow model for some time.

And we are also making a statement with the special edition "$100k"! For many it's easy to celebrate when we've hit 100k - but we at Bitart are already saying with our artworks that it's not a question of "IF" but simply "WHEN!?"

With this edition you make it clear that Bitcoin is more to you than just an "object of speculation" - Bitcoin has the status "KING OF MONEY" for us at $100,000 - and we celebrate that together with our #bitcoinselfmades in these artworks!

Pre-Sale-Phase | "In code we trust", Limitiert auf 210 Shirts!

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3 products

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