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We Are Satoshi

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Bitcoinselfmade, "WE ARE SATOSHI" enters the third round!

In addition to the success of the sculptures "WE ARE SATOSHI" 1 & 2, you can finally find the statement for your wall at home !

"..the question of Satoshi Nakamoto becomes superfluous. Superfluous when we, each and every one of us, have recognized that we are all Satoshi!"

Bitcoin is not about the individual. It's about the whole. It's about the unique effect of making a system stronger, more efficient, more democratic & more decentralized. It's about the effect of making a system valuable for me & everyone else and making my contribution.

Secure your statement now & become part of what is probably the most successful network in the world "only" through your sats, but also through your new print work of art "WE ARE SATOSHI"!

Whitepaper of the print "We Are Satoshi"
  • faithful color reproduction & gradients
  • artwork details
  • Available size: 60x40, 90x60 & 120x80cm
  • The canvases are stretched on a wooden stretcher
  • Print on 340 g/m²
  • Wooden stretcher with 2cm thickness (60x40 & 90x60cm) and 4cm thickness (120x80cm)
  • DELIVERY TIME: The delivery time in DE, AU & CH is usually between 10-15 working days. International shipping varies.
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    We Are Satoshi
    We Are Satoshi
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    How long does delivery take?

    Shipping varies. As a rule, you will receive your artwork/fashion within 7-15 working days. Canvas artworks, masterpieces & the like require separate shipping.

    Can you pay with Bitcoin?

    Yes Bitcoin payments are possible & even desirable.