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The Golden Boy (fck banks #6)

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The 6th F*ck Banks from the squad:

Artwork story

" Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" - says Bitcoin's Genesis Block, the headline from the Times. Satoshi Nakamoto denounced the central banks' endless creation of money on January 3rd, 2009 and immortalized the headline in the code of the first Bitcoin block. The reason why bitcoin exists:

"Printers goes BRRR"
isn't just a meme, it's reality, because numbers don't lie:

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, the ECB’s total assets have skyrocketed by 3.6 trillion euros in just 21 months. That means: Under Lagarde, who has been in office for two years, the ECB is pumping 171 billion euros into the market every month, and an additional 5.7 billion every single day.

We are "only" talking about the ECB here!

The problem becomes clear & is still the same as 11 years ago: We need solutions & a monetary system that doesn't eat us up with the invisible tax in the form of inflation!

F*CK BANKS is our statement against inflation, against the endless creation of money by central banks. Bitcoin is our real alternative & with this work of art you set an EXCLAMATION MARK!

White paper of the "F*CK ₿ANK$" :

  • 100% handmade
  • Spotlight effect through gold optics
  • H.37 cm x p.15.5 cm x l.12.5 cm
  • F*CK Banks statement against the central banks' quantitative easing and the associated inflation!
  • multiple details with F* Banks

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    The Golden Boy (fck banks
    The Golden Boy (fck banks
    The Golden Boy (fck banks
    The Golden Boy (fck banks
    The Golden Boy (fck banks
    The Golden Boy (fck banks
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