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BitBox - "to the moon"

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Bitcoin Artwork - BitBox "Think out of the Box"!

The BitBox by BitArt is an absolute eye-catcher for every bitcoin enthusiast. With the motto "to the moon" we are sticking to the explosive price growth of Bitcoin.

Product details:

  • high quality and 100% handmade BitBox
  • Design with blue and gold elements in our universe look
  • gold plated physical bitcoin coin with a thickness of 3mm and a diameter of: 40mm
  • Basic: Dompi box
A statement: to the moon!

Delivery time 10-15 working days

Important: Each BitBox is unique and differs from the one shown here. BitBoxes differ in small details, such as color gradients.

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    BitBox - "to the moon"
    BitBox - "to the moon"
    BitBox - "to the moon"
    BitBox - "to the moon"
    BitBox - "to the moon"
    BitBox - "to the moon"
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    How long does delivery take?

    Shipping varies. As a rule, you will receive your artwork/fashion within 7-15 working days. Canvas artworks, masterpieces & the like require separate shipping.

    Can you pay with Bitcoin?

    Yes Bitcoin payments are possible & even desirable.