Bitart goes Lambo:

For the first time in the world, a Lamborghini Gallardo front hood was transformed into a Bitcoin work of art.

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Works of art that push boundaries.

Eye-catcher in every room

A real statement

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Bitcoin head & artist heart

Abu & Manuel

presented the Lambo hood offline for the first time at the block magazine event.

Masterpieces overview

Welcome to Bitart Masterpieces

NOW NEW: Bitart Masterpiece “When Lambo”

An eye-catcher measuring 220cm x 160cm for art lovers and Bitcoiners who are driving the mass adoption of Bitcoin with the power of a Lamborghini. Unique worldwide.

To the Lamborghini Masterpiece

Pushing boundaries with Masterpieces

Boundaries are broken with the artworks. Masterpieces belong to the premier class of Bitcoin art.

Overview of the masterpieces

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    Artists & gallery owners usually deliver personally or with art suppliers.

  • uniqueness

    Rest assured, not everyone has Bitart Masterpieces at home.

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