Meet vulcano, wind, solar & water

energy resources

and enjoy it trough a masterpiece of art.

The Combination

of technology, art & a green future..

its an

Artwork that inspires

Renewable-Energies & Bitcoin: the perfect match

Artwork: "Green Bitcoin"

In a world rapidly adapting to the challenges of climate change, artist Program_0 sought to highlight the positive aspects of Bitcoin mining in cooperation with bitart. They were inspired by the idea that technology and nature do not have to be in conflict but can work harmoniously to create a more sustainable future. The main motivation was caused in missinformation concerning bitcoin mining and its enviromental impact. 

-The integration of solar energy in the Bitcoin mining process S9 Antminer from BITMAIN : Sponsored by
-Light and Fan Installation
-The potential of wind energy to support Bitcoin mining operations, advocating for diversified renewable energy sources.
-A unique, eco-friendly design element combining the iconic Bitcoin symbol with natural moss, symbolizing the harmony between technology and nature.
-Acrylic Paints & More

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Titel: Green Bitcoin
Artist: Program_0 x Bitart
150 cm x 100 cm (59,1" x 39,4")
Weight: approx. 35kg
Block height: 844.729
Price: on request

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