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Bitcoin Bottle "Satoshi's Mission"

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Bitcoin Bottle " Satoshi's Mission ", the new BTC bottle from the "Tothemoon 2.0" line.


The year is 2008. On September 15, the financial crisis reaches its climax with the collapse of the major US bank Lehman Brothers. A now global financial crisis is shaking the world. A little later in October 2008, amidst the ashes, a certain "Satoshi Nakamoto" published the white paper:

"Bitcoin - a peer-to-peer electronic cash system"

as a possible way out to change and save the financial and monetary system in the long term. 13 years later we are all Satoshi, all on a mission to create and expand a decentralized, monetary, digital & democratic money network to learn from the past and grow..

White Paper of "Satoshi's Mission" :

  • 100% handmade
  • Spotlight effect with glowing green label
    (can be switched on and off with the button on the underside of the
    BTC bottle)
  • physical bitcoin coin with gold look.
  • Spraying cash fountain
  • Basic: high-quality Dompi Luminous
  • Custom made plexi box
    (Dimensions: 12x12x46)

  • A statement from real Bitcoiners

Delivery time 10-15 working days in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For international shipping, the delivery time varies.

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    Bitcoin Bottle "Satoshi&
    Bitcoin Bottle "Satoshi&
    Bitcoin Bottle "Satoshi&
    Bitcoin Bottle "Satoshi&
    Bitcoin Bottle "Satoshi&
    Bitcoin Bottle "Satoshi&
    Bitcoin Bottle "Satoshi&
    Bitcoin Bottle "Satoshi&
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